Building Enterprise to Meet Your Business Goals

As companies diversify their responsibilities, more and more of their day to day responsibilities start relying on numerous software applications. These applications need to be integrated across all departments of the company.

From recruitment to managing supply chains – software integration is critical for growing companies as they attempt to cover a plethora of daily business services. Wouldn’t it be helpful to make a one-time investment in application development to make sure that all corporate data is protected and easily accessible to employees? There are countless benefits of getting a specialized enterprise app or an enterprise program.

What are Custom Apps?

Enterprise apps are one of the many benefits that the ‘internet of things’ movement has created.  Enterprise applications aim to integrate various departmental software under one umbrella. Company workers get to access valuable work-related information via a user-friendly interface.

A company that has such a one-stop mobile application can improve its data flow management, making sure that sensitive data is available to all employees (who have been granted access) at all times and across multiple platforms. Be it managing HR data, resource planning, customer relationship supervision, business analytics, or managing the supply chain - new applications that are designed specifically for companies, focusing on the small details, have countless benefits.   

Benefits of Enterprise Apps

Some of the benefits of enterprise applications include:

Custom Enterprise apps use a public cloud system. So, all departments of a company can respond timely to customer or company requirements in real-time. Automation saves a lot of time. For instance, the marketing department of a company can instantly access the CRM customer data to plan for their social media marketing campaign, creating data-based reports that assess its effectiveness. There’s no day or monthly delays in an automated workspace.

Digital transformation
The term ‘digital transformation’ gets thrown around a lot in any conversation concerning the technological transformation of companies and workspaces. Custom enterprise app developers offer true digital transformation for companies. They make appropriate choices while designing their software products that effectively revamp all of the company’s existing systems and processes.

A workplace that goes through a digital transformation is also bound to experience cultural transformation (e.g., remote jobs, cutting down face to face meetings, etc.). Smart device management also enables companies to explore newer and more economical business models.

User experience
Overall, the user experience for all employees using an enterprise app is splendid as they get tailor-made notifications regarding their jobs and responsibilities. For instance, if workers get a detailed schedule of their daily responsibilities that gets centrally updated, it’ll be easier for them to manage their time. Plus, other members of the workforce get to see the progress their employees are making so that they can adjust their workflow accordingly.

App modernization
Most modern enterprise programs operate on an app binary basis – there’s a user-friendly interface between two binary program modules. One acts as an operating system facility (for the developer of the app) while the other program is meant for users. Hence these new-age custom enterprise apps get to offer advanced features such as ad-hoc deployment and consistent app updates. Registered devices also come with a ‘delete App button’ so when an employee’s contract is terminated, he or she can no longer access company data.

The ability to swiftly regulate capacity is one of the major perks of having a public cloud-based custom enterprise app. Unlike traditional software, cloud-based apps are responsive. These custom mobile apps enable members of a workforce to instantly adapt to changes in user needs. Some of them feature updates, in-app purchases, and a plethora of other features.

Since information sharing on these custom enterprise apps is so easy, workers get to make the appropriate choice when it comes to identifying and capitalizing on business opportunities. The process is way faster as detailed data such as a problem in the supply chain or a delivery management issue is easily available for instant assessment.

Top enterprises check the name of the developer profile and an app developer’s certificate before hiring. So, they can rest assured that their custom mobile apps will have concrete security rules that protect both the company’s interests and the end-users. After developing these secure platforms, there are zero risks of data theft/misuse.

Platforms to build enterprise apps

There are a few ways to build enterprise apps. Popular cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud offer great public cloud options, while private cloud also remains a viable channel. Most of these platforms primarily provide IaaS (infrastructure as a service) solutions developers can use to develop and test apps, and later deploy them.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the oldest leaders in the public cloud computing market. From AI to serverless deployments, AWS’s enterprise app building infrastructure has grown well beyond simple cloud computing/storage.

Microsoft’s Azure is another market leader battling it out with AWS in the cloud computing market. As of now, Azure has a major role in helping enterprises as first-rate cloud service providers. However, their pricing structure isn’t competition friendly. Expect the Azure versus AWS battle to heat up as both companies aim to dominate the market space once enterprises start adopting multi-cloud solutions for their custom apps.

Google Cloud
Google Cloud’s enterprise app-building efforts are powered by Anthos and Kubernetes services. Google Cloud’s Anthos platform is steadily looking to expand its services to companies involved in the highly-lucrative retail and financial industries. Of late, Google Cloud has secured multiple high-revenue deals. The business plan of GC is to focus on industries and repeat previous use-cases that guarantee successful results.

Private cloud
Investing in a Private Cloud enables companies to dedicate their auto-scalable resources as per the recurring needs of the business. Gain full control by managing all departments from central control panels powered by a private cloud that is fully secure.

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