In my previous post, Part 1, we explored three key pillars for a successful Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) implementation: (1) Cost, (2) Industry Suitability, and (3) Seamless Integration. Now, let’s dive deeper into the final two pieces of the puzzle: (4) User Acceptance criteria and (5) Ongoing Maintenance considerations.

Companies are motivated to implement a quote-to-cash solution, especially given that it can be a fundamental aspect of closing deals faster (see also my recent post 3 Keys to Closing Deals Faster with CPQ in 2024). But these additional two factors can make or break your CPQ journey. So, let’s pay close attention to these two areas to help ensure a better CPQ project and result. 

Crucial Consideration #4: User Acceptance

Even the most powerful CPQ solution is useless if your team refuses to use it. Sure, a user-friendly interface and intuitive features go a long way, but securing user buy-in requires more than just ticking boxes. The key ingredient for a successful CPQ project remains the early and active engagement of your future CPQ users.

From the get-go, invite them to participate in:

  • CPQ solution demos: Let them test-drive the system, feel its interface, and experience its capabilities firsthand.
  • The selection process: Give them a voice in choosing the solution that best fits their needs and workflows.
  • Open feedback sessions: Encourage honest critiques and suggestions. Their concerns (addressed early) can become stepping-stones to successful adoption.

While complete team consensus isn’t always necessary, it is vital that key players and essential teams are generally on board. Their enthusiasm and commitment will be contagious, propelling the entire project forward. Remember, a successful CPQ implementation isn’t just about technology; it’s about people. By cultivating user acceptance early and often, especially from users with disparate needs, you pave the way for a smooth transition and unlock the full potential of your new CPQ solution. 

Crucial Consideration #5: Implementation and Maintenance

Choosing a CPQ solution is just the first step. Then comes the crucial stage of putting it to work. And in this phase, a smooth implementation and manageable maintenance routine are key to long-term success….


Frank Sohn is the Founder & CEO of Novus CPQ and the Host of CPQ Podcast. Questions about this post or for Frank? Click here.