Complex product variables and pricing parameters can often cause delays in the sales cycle, resulting in missed opportunities and lost revenue. To address this challenge, SugarCRM and Mobileforce have partnered to offer a fully-integrated Quote-to-Cash solution that can help businesses streamline their sales processes and shorten sales cycles.

On April 13th, Christian WettreSugarCRM SVP and GM, and Jagadish BandholeMobileforce Co-founder & CEO, discussed insights and best practices on streamlining sales processes and sales cycles with SugarCRM + Mobileforce CPQ.

The webinar began with Christian’s share on the power of SugarCRM and Intelligent CPQ moved into MobileForce’s addressing bottlenecks with intelligent quote-to-cash along with a live demo and ended with an interactive Q&A. 

Christian led with emphasizing the use of Sugar’s platform to compress sales cycles and reduce errors and to create a better buying process through three components discussed in more detail. He continued that our user-friendly platform partnered with Mobileforce allows us to extend into specialized functionality and tackle specific problems, such as getting quotes out easily. 

Jagadish carried on explaining that while CPQ has existed in the market, modern advancements and changes have driven new selling and business needs. He dove into some of the hurdles that manifest from these needs and how quote to cash handles modern business needs. 

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If you are interested in learning from industry leaders on how SugarCRM and Mobileforce CPQ can help your business streamline sales processes and drive revenue growth, you can watch the recording here: