Mobileforce’s No-code, Revenue-as-a-Service Platform Gains Momentum with 3X Customer Growth in Last 12 Months

As businesses increasingly push for efficiency — including consolidating technology solutions and streamlining operations to do more with less — Mobileforce is emerging as a RevOps leader with its intelligent and unified RevOps-as-a-Service (ROAS) platform. By unifying both CPQ (configure, price, quote) and FSM (field services management) solutions with one integrated platform — and then further integrating this no-code platform seamlessly with companies’ CRM, ERP and inventory management solutions — Mobileforce is helping business customers save time and make more money.

Last week, on October 4th, Mobileforce announced the addition of key new customers to its ROAS platform, emphasizing its commitment to transforming revenue operations for enterprises. Additionally, the company revealed a tripling of its customer base in the 12 months since closing its venture financing round in 2022, highlighting the growing demand for unified business workflows. During this era of efficient growth, let’s dive deeper into these exciting developments and understand how Mobileforce is benefiting from — and taking advantage of — this new push for unified solutions and vendor consolidation.

Key New Customers Pushing for Efficiency

Mobileforce’s continued success hinges on its ability to attract visionary companies seeking innovative ROAS solutions. Two of its latest additions to the customer portfolio are iSolved and rijo42, both recognized leaders in their respective segments and regions.

For example, as a leading Human Capital Management (HCM) technology provider, iSolved recognized the value of Mobileforce’s unified ROAS platform in optimizing their operations. The ROAS platform — seamlessly integrated with iSolved’s CRM, ERP and inventory management systems — has enabled iSolved to streamline its processes and enhance efficiency, ultimately delivering better value to its customers.

Accelerated Growth and Tripling of Customers

Mobileforce’s growth story is characterized by its year-over-year tripling of customers since completing its venture capital seed financing round in July 2022. This milestone is a testament to the increasing demand for integrated Software as a Service (SaaS) applications that go beyond simple point solutions, and instead offer a complete, holistic and integrated approach to business workflows. By making its unified ROAS platform available in popular app stores such as HubSpotSugarCRMPipedriveCreatio and Zendesk, Mobileforce is meeting the shifting and efficiency-driven needs of businesses.

As Mobileforce’s CEO, Jagadish Bandhole, put it: “Our customers are increasingly looking for a unified sales and field service solution that can quickly adapt to their dynamic, go-to-market motions. Our fully integrated ROAS platform is radically simple to deploy and support – and specifically addresses this need.”

A Unified & Fully Integrated Approach

In today’s dynamic business landscape, companies are continuing to want to DO more but without SPENDING more. They are pushing for greater efficiency and integration, and Mobileforce’s ROAS platform has been developed specifically to address this need. By seamlessly integrating with CRM, ERP, inventory management systems and other legacy systems — with a no-code platform to optimize efficiency — Mobileforce empowers businesses to consolidate field sales and services operations into one unified platform. This simplifies processes and eliminates the need to deploy and integrate multiple, disparate SaaS applications.

For More Information

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