MobileForce WorkSafe™ Health Safety and Compliance Solution

As a service-oriented business, you need a quick and cost-effective way to implement post-COVID re-opening guidelines, confidently run your operations, manage customers with social distancing, mitigate risks at your worksite and automate documentation to demonstrate your continued compliance to authorities. The WorkSafe™ web and mobile app enables you with the following capabilities.

Reopen with Confidence

  • Have the system in place that implements state and local re-opening guidelines
  • Monitor your worksite and staff safety in real time
  • Ensure you have a contingency plan if a positive case is detected

Access to Guidelines & Training

  • Stay up to date with access to latest state and local guideline documents
  • Recommended training and videos for staff
  • Latest news and data from federal government and agencies like CDC, NIH

Maintain Compliance Efficiently

  • Easy to fill "smart forms" for management and staff to document compliance
  • Timely reminders to complete "smart forms" every workday, check temps, ensure PPE availability for workers
  • "Smart forms" can capture and document pictures, location data, digital signatures

Manage Worksite Health Safety

  • Daily worksite health safety check-in and check-out "smart forms" for the Pandemic Safety Officer
  • Self-certify checklist to complete at the start and end of the workday for each worker
  • Instantly report any worker sickness symptoms or worksite contamination issue

Automate Documentation for Regulators

  • Automatically generate summary reports of daily submissions for management review
  • Continuously archive all submissions made by Pandemic Safety Officer and workers to maintain compliance
  • Real time filtering and querying of archived data available for management, authorized investigators and regulators

Risk Aware Service Management

  • Awareness of high-level risk profiles of workers to manage work schedules and type of work
  • Track and document which workers are servicing which customers
  • Manage setup of worksite, number and flow of people abiding social distancing rules

Aid Contact Tracing

  • Quickly identify any reported symptoms or positive infections and isolate them
  • Run a report to track their history in the system to start tracing any of their contacts at the worksite
  • Alert authorities and provide adequate data quickly so they can mitigate or contain the spread

Fully Informed: Real-time Map and Alerts

  • Visual map of COVID data in your worksite neighborhood to track local impact
  • Get Text notifications about any new guidelines or local regulations
  • Get notifications about any missing worksite or staff daily reports that could impact business compliance

Manage Customers with Contactless Notifications

  • Instead of physical buzzer or other devices, use a Text-based system to manage and alert customers when service is ready
  • Automatically ensure maximum people allowed and capacity compliance at the worksite
  • Customer contact data is automatically saved securely to aid any future contact tracing

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