Intelligent Workflow and Ticket Management

Simultaneous read/write integration of data and actions from all workflow and ticket management services, third-party applications and IoT devices with real-time access to only job-relevant Cloud and On-Premise data. Data from disparate systems are normalized, correlated and surfaced predictively for the service worker increasing first-time fix rate and worker productivity. Highly advanced technology and custom tools, bridging the gaps between you, workflow and ticket managers, and your clients in a single full featured solution.

Fully Customized

A bespoke solution seamlessly and in real time multiplexes, your proprietary process, best practices, workflow and knowledgebase with all third-party Ticket and Workflow managers into a powerful single-Pane-of-Glass dashboard. A fully customized, Single-Sign-On user experience that is unique to your business with full featured, no compromised, mobile access, regardless of the ticket or workflow manger in use. Full featured solution with optional custom technology, features, and services for incremental revenue and unapparelled operational and cost efficiencies.

Advanced AI

MobileForce AI engine, using predictive data modeling, continuously monitors and analyzes historical and real-time data. Using data modeling and cross-functional intelligence, MobileForce AI surfaces, real-time, instance relevant information that is extremely useful in implementing a fast and fist-time fix. The Machine Learning process becomes a vital source of information for planning and implementing short and long term operational and cost efficiencies.

Unique Value Proposition

MobileForce provides our clients customized field support solutions at the speed of standard products, powered by its AppVelocity rapid solutioning platform and its ServiceVelocity base product. Opportunity to select precisely what you need today to address your field support requirements, knowing well, our service will cost effectively scale as your business and industry requirements change in the future.

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