Reduce errors, streamline sales flows, and close deals faster with the Mobileforce CPQ and HubSpot

Mobileforce Product Team

  1. Improve ROI and close more deals by increasing efficiency

Sales agents can simply start from a HubSpot contact page, add any relevant product and service line items, incorporate discounts, and quickly generate proposals using pre-configured customizable templates. The proposal looks professional and on-brand, and provides only the clear information the client needs.Sales agents can also take advantage of automatic approval routing to significantly speed up quote-to-close times.

Example: A sales agent at a new SaaS company has strong interest from a small business owner who has decided to buy her product to use in his store. He’d downloaded a few info packets before, but finally responded to an outreach email saying he’s ready to buy. The sales agent opens HubSpot, which is already where she spends most of her day, adds the product the lead is interested in, adds a discount for a sale that’s ending later this week, and generates a clean, professional proposal for him. She routes it to her approver who gives the green light, and sends it over to the customer and to the billing department.

2. Find opportunities to up-sell and cross-sell with ease

Increasing deal size is one of the easiest ways for sales teams to generate more revenue for the company. It’s much easier to add on a few products and bonus features to an existing deal than it is to close an entirely new deal with a new prospect.

With HubSpot and Mobileforce, sales teams have the ability to add additional features on the fly while on a call or an email chain with a lead that’s in the buying mood.Flexible upsell and cross-sell workflows can prompt a sales agent working in HubSpot to instantly add additional features, products, and services in real-time, all without leaving the HubSpot CRM environment. Mobileforce also supports configurable products and can offer a recommendation and validation engine to ensure correct products and services are added — no more accidentally adding on a feature that’s only available on a different product suite, or that they already have and pay for. Use HubSpot data to find engaged segments and companies who are growing to optimize upselling and cross-selling efforts.

Example: A sales agent at an internet provider is working with a customer that’s very excited to take advantage of a limited-time offer on new phones for her family. The agent opens up HubSpot, sees the customer is eligible for the limited time offer, and gets prompted to add on a warranty, discounted phone cases, and extended long-distance data coverage. Because he’s able to provide access to discounts that feel bespoke and exclusive, while also tacking on additional paid features, he increases his deal size significantly.

3. Generate Complex Quotes with Confidence

With built-in support for multiple product configurations, dependencies, and price discount scenarios, Mobileforce enables HubSpot users to quickly and easily generate quotes with confidence.This integration ensures every quote is made by taking account of all the information available in HubSpot. Not only does this reduce time of configuring and cross-checking, but it also eliminates potential errors when dealing with complicated quote configurations, which can lead to frustration and lost deals.Example: A sales agent at a kitchen furnishings company is getting ready to put together a proposal for a full-scale renovation for a large mansion’s kitchen. She’s collected the information and pricing for the stove, oven, gas hookups, sinks and finishings, countertops, cabinets, drawers, and more. Throughout the proposal process, Mobileforce and HubSpot’s integration have been ensuring that none of the products are incompatible with one another, and that every applicable discount and upsell have been included. The deal goes through quicker than ever because there were no errors to correct on the very first proposal, and the customer and sales agent were both satisfied.

Close more deals and decrease tedious and complex sales tasks with Mobileforce and HubSpot

Teams who use Mobileforce with HubSpot are saving upwards of 30 minutes per proposal and have been able to grow their sales teams due to the more efficient workflows. Better tools have the potential to improve your team’s productivity, outcomes, and satisfaction, so it’s worth it to invest in products that make sense for both daily activities and long-term revenue goals.

The Mobileforce integration with the HubSpot CRM is a great solution that saves about 30-45 minutes per proposal per sales person and we can confidently continue to grow our sales team with a software built to guide salespeople as to what options are available. Highly recommend their software,” says Kimberly Parker, Strategic Growth, Seedless Clothing.

Book a meeting with the Mobileforce team to learn more about how your sales team can benefit from integrating Mobileforce with HubSpot, and help them close more deals, quicker than ever.


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