The 3 Cs in Quote-to-Cash: How to Meet Complexity, Compliance & Change Management Needs with CPQ

Mobileforce Product Team
Jagadish Bandhole discussing '3 Cs of Quote-to-Cash' on the podcast

With enterprise sales cycles being as challenging as ever, efficiently navigating Quote-to-Cash (QTC) barriers is pivotal for competitiveness. But certain types of businesses, and certain types of sales processes, face stubborn challenges. We’ve identified three key sales process barriers that require special support — Complexity, Compliance, and Change Management — which we refer to as the 3 Cs.

Mobileforce not only addresses these issues with our intelligent no-code platform, but we specialize in working with companies facing these challenges.

The Ideal Customer

We’ve adapted our solution to address the 3 Cs and optimize the QTC process, giving businesses a competitive edge. We cater to a set of businesses that are all wrestling with the multifaceted intricacies of the QTC process associated with these challenges.

YouTube video: What you should know about Mobileforce Software

For a more detailed overview, please see also the CPQ podcast interview of our CEO, Jagadish Bandhole, discussing these unique and key aspects of the Mobileforce solution.

Complexity: An Unavoidable Reality for Many Businesses

Complexity is an unavoidable reality for many businesses. Managing expansive product catalogues, intricate pricing schemes, multi-party sales, and orchestrating various distribution channels all pose unique challenges. Our no-code platform with easy-to-set rules and guardrails addresses and resolves these complexities across many customers, thousands of employees and hundreds of thousands of products. We specialize in managing diverse pricing structures, supporting different units of measurement in pricing, and providing an intuitive platform for selling a broad spectrum of products.

Compliance: Required Internal or External Approvals

Compliance refers to both internal and external approvals. It goes beyond meeting regulatory standards; it also involves alignment with standard business processes, terms, and conditions. Our software enables the generation of accurate, standardized quotes that meet all internal and external guidelines. We’ve made it easy to set needed approval processes and smart guardrails to ensure your sales team consistently generates approved and accurate proposals and quotes, thereby maintaining a high standard of compliance.

Change Management: How to Manage Dynamic Inputs

Effective change management is vital in markets defined by volatility. Our QTC solution supports frequent and significant changes, ranging from real-time pricing updates, spot price changes, edits to product bundles, or inventory availabilities. Our platform’s no-code tools and capabilities support multi-party distribution automation, real-time data integration, and dynamic deal variable changes, empowering businesses to thrive, even in the face of constant change.

Conclusion: Simplifying Your QTC Process

Mobileforce Software is dedicated to helping businesses that face one or more of the 3 Cs hurdles in navigating and simplifying their QTC processes. For more insights, listen to the insightful podcast interview of our CEO by Frank Sohn of Novus CPQ Consulting.

If you’d like to learn more about how Mobileforce’s platform can help you address one or more of the 3 Cs challenges, reach out to us at or book a demo.

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